Suffragette Summit of Rainier - Effective or not?


Suffragette Summit of Rainier - Effective or not?


Women -- Suffrage
Political participation
Political rights
Political demonstrations
Mountaineers (Society)
Mountaineering -- Washington (State)
Rainier, Mount (Wash.)


Joshua Parker


Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State




[Grades 6-8]

In this focused inquiry, students investigate the question What political actions are most effective to promote change?

Students engage in an analysis of types of political engagement and one case study to determine how effective the action was and what may prove more effective.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to understand the different impacts of different forms of political action, understand one example case study, and analyze the effectiveness of the example.



Washington State Social Studies Standards:
  • H2.6-8.2. Explain and analyze how individuals and movements have shaped Washington state history since statehood.
  • C4. Understands civic involvement.
  • C4.6-8.3. Employ strategies for civic involvement that address a state or local issue.


Focused Inquiry

Staging the Question

Compelling Question: What political actions are most effective to create change?

Analyze the image of climbers with flag: Observations, interpretations, questions, predictions.

Formative Performance Task

Supporting Question: How was Dr. Cora Smith Eaton’s Suffragette summit of Rainer an example of Civic Participation?

  • Read the 15 Forms of Civic Participation handout and rank the 15 forms of civic participation for effectiveness.
  • Read the excerpts of the Rainier summit, discuss the forms of civic participation that were used by the suffragists, and evaluate where in the midst of your ranking this event would go.

Taking Informed Action

Argument: Argue where in a spectrum of effective forms of civic participation this action would go. What two forms would be more effective? What two would be less effective?

Prepare a political action plan that uses 3 forms of civic participation to effect a change you’d like to see.

Suffragette Summit of Rainier Lesson Plan with Activity Sheet (form fillable pdf)
Suffragette Summit of Rainier Text Set (pdf)
On the Summit of Rainier
Mountaineers back from Rainer, from The Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Seattle, WA), August 8, 1909
Dr. Cora Eaton A Climber from The Evening Times (Grand Forks, N.D.), August 26, 1909
Suffragette Summit of Rainier Activity Sheet (form fillable pdf)