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What's In a Place Name Contest Rules.pdf
Rules and entry sheet for "What's in a Place Name?" student contest. Click to access full file.

Student Contest Poster.png
A PDF of a poster describing the "What's in a Place Name?" contest. Click to access.

Banner logo of "What's in a Place Name?" map design. For use in promoting the student contest and virtual exhibit.

Old State Capitol.jpg
A photograph of the Old State Capitol Building taken between 1895 and 1928 by Jeffers Studios.

George C. Israel.jpg
Photo of George Clingan Israel. Found on

Israel Road 2.jpg
A digital photo of the corner of Israel Road and Capitol Boulevard, featuring the Mark Twain statue and the Washington State Library. Taken on 1/19/2022

Photo of prominent Olympian George C. Israel's house at 2732 Capitol Boulevard S. House built in 1904, photo taken in 1936

Murder on Main Street in 1886 E D Cohen.pdf
An Essay by Gary Dielman recounting the murder of E. D. Cohen and the trial of George Israel. Click on image to read.

Banner logo for the student contest "What's In a Place Name" with map background.

Shows policemen in Seattle wearing masks made by the Red Cross, during the Spanish flu outbreak. December 1918.

Illustration used during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic to remind people to turn away from coughs and sneezes

A Public Service Announcement used across the United States in many newspapers during the Spanish Influenza
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