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2022 Winner: "Springdale"

2022 "What's in a Place Name?" Student Contest Winner

By Kaleb Ross

Homeschooled 4th Grader
Teachers: Kelly Ross
WIAPN 2022 Springdale Image

The town of Springdale, Washington

Have you wondered about the small town's history. Springdale was a town founded by Mr. John and Mr. Charles. They started the town and it was originally named Squire city. Mark p. Sheffer was the first merchant. He would bring materials by horse for the rail road. In 1889 the northern railway was completed. Springdale was like a lunch spot for the train to pass through Spokane to Northport. The reformer of Springdale started by Elmer burrows from 1907 to 1923 but one year after 1907 a fire broke out and destroyed the business part of Springdale.

Today Springdale is a small town with two hundred eighty-five people in the town. it is a beautiful town with nice people. sheep creek runs to a pond called lucky duck pond which you can fish there and you might get lucky. There is one school and one play ground. lots of wild life like turkey, deer and more. there's One store and a Doller general is getting built. it’s a nice place and a fun small town.


                                                    THE END